Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join Time Please?

Time Please is open to all Philippine residents, locals and foreigners, willing to do volunteer work.

How do I join Time Please?

Any group composed of family members, friends, neighbors, workmates, among other social relations, can join with a minimum of two (2) up to a maximum of four (4) members.

Non-Globe customers may participate but will not be eligible for any prize or rewards.

The group must have a Team Leader who must be at least eighteen (18) years old and an active Globe or TM customer without any outstanding account. Each group member must have a mobile phone and email address which will be registered at the Time Please portal.

Who is the Team Leader?

The Team Leader is the point person of the volunteer group and is responsible for creating an account, registering the group at and obtaining the prior consent of the group members in (a) joining the team, (b) disclosing their mobile phone numbers, email addresses and any other information for the purpose of participating in Time Please, and (c) allowing the sharing of their mobile phone numbers and email addresses to the Time Please Partners.

Can the group members be changed?

No. Once the registered group members confirm by replying to the automated text message received from 2158-5683 (LOVE), the Team Leader can no longer change the members of the group by adding new members or deleting registered members.

Do I need to pay to join Time Please and volunteer?

Joining Time Please is absolutely free of charge; however, all expenses incurred in the conduct of the volunteer activity such as logistics, transportation, meals, etc. shall be shouldered by the group.

The foregoing notwithstanding, a voluntary activity may be a donation to an organization, individual, underprivileged family or community as provided in Item 14 herein. For the avoidance of doubt, this entails a donation and not a fee to join Time Please or be a volunteer.

I’m below eighteen (18) years old. Do I need my mother, father or guardian to volunteer with me?

No. Minors who wish to join Time Please can do so together with family, friends or other social groups provided they obtain the prior consent of any parent or the guardian. The Team Leader represents and warrants that said consent has been obtained upon registering the minor as a group member. Thus, the Team Leader shall register the mobile phone number of any parent or the guardian, which shall receive an automated text message from 2158-5683 (LOVE). The parent or guardian shall respond to the message for purposes of consenting to the participation of the minor child or ward in Time Please and accepting its Terms and Conditions. The Team Leader shall be responsible for the wellbeing of the minor(s) in the group activity and its events.

Can I join more than one (1) group?

Yes, an individual can join as many groups without restriction. Where an individual is a member of more than one (1) group, the volunteer hour credits shall benefit the group which registered for that volunteer activity.

Can I volunteer anywhere in the Philippines?

Yes, Time Please is a nationwide volunteer program.

What are volunteer hour credits?

Volunteer hour credits are the hours that the group collectively spent in the enrolled volunteer activity.

How are the volunteer hour credits computed? Does my group of four (4) members get twelve (12) hours because we each rendered together three (3) hours of volunteering?

Volunteer hour credits are computed based on the number of hours spent together in a volunteering activity (Example: 3 volunteers volunteered four (4) hours together = twelve (12) volunteer hour credits).

How long can I volunteer in a day for Time Please? I volunteered for only thirty (30) minutes, is that okay?

The minimum volunteer hour that can be credited is one (1) hour on any given day. The Time Please portal will not accept volunteer hours below one (1) hour.

What is the maximum number of hours I can volunteer in a day?

There is none, provided that the number of volunteer hours of each group member that can be to the group shall not exceed twenty four (24) hours per day

How do I know the volunteer hour credits of my volunteer activity?

For Set Activities, these will be determined by the partner organization offering the activity.

For DIY Activities, these will be determined by the group members; refer to the computation in Item 9 above.

I want to give money or in-kind donations to an organization, individual, underprivileged family or community. Is this an acceptable volunteering activity?

Yes. This can be done under the Create Your Own Volunteer Activity on the Time Please portal, provided that the donation must be accompanied with a volunteer activity. The group must identify its beneficiary of the cash or in-kind donation and record the said donation and volunteer activity within forty-eight (48) hours upon completion thereof. No volunteer hour credits shall be credited upon failure to upload the donation and volunteer activity within the said forty-eight (48) hour period. A webpage link to either a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter post will be required to promote volunteering and document the volunteer event.

In case of an emergency, can I cancel our group participation in a volunteer event?

For Set Activities, the Team Leader or any group member shall immediately inform the partner organization that organized the event which the group signed up for, that the group cannot attend and ensure that that the group’s registration for the volunteer event is timely canceled. The contact information of the partner organization is available at the Time Please portal.

For DIY Activities, a volunteer event can be canceled anytime.

If a group member decides to withdraw, can the group replace the withdrawing member and still enjoy the accumulated volunteer hour credits prior to the withdrawal?

A group member may withdraw his membership at any time by informing Globe at No replacement of the member shall be allowed. The group can still continue with Time Please provided that there are at least two (2) remaining members. Moreover, the accumulated volunteer hour credits of the group shall remain unchanged.

What is the prize?

The prize is an all-expenses-paid trip to Hong Kong Disneyland for four (4) group members, inclusive of roundtrip airfare, hotel accommodation for three (3) days and two (2) nights, three (3) meals a day while in Hong Kong, tickets to Hong Kong Disneyland, and other exciting prizes.

In case of a tie in the most number of volunteer hour credits, the winning group shall be determined by The Walt Disney Company Philippines.

The winning group members hereby guarantee that they have valid passports to claim their prize.

Rewards will also be given to qualifying group members and/or groups.

All prizes and rewards are inclusive of tax and are not convertible to cash.

How does a group win the prize?

The group with the most number of volunteer hour credits will win the prize. In case of a tie in the most number of volunteer hour credits, the winning group shall be determined by The Walt Disney Company Philippines.

Will all the group members win the prize?

Only group members who are active Globe or TM mobile phone customers without any outstanding accounts will be entitled to the all-expenses-paid trip to Hong Kong Disneyland.

There are less than four (4) members in the group, will the group be awarded the prize for four (4) people?

No, the prize is only awarded to the group members. We strongly recommend that a group registers four (4) members who are active Globe or TM mobile phone customers without any outstanding accounts to maximize the prize.

Until when can my group participate in Time Please?

All volunteer activities should be recorded on the Time Please portal on or before 12:00 a.m. of 20 August 2018.

Globe Telecom employees and relatives are eligible to join Time Please.

For more information, kindly email Globe at